Our Passion is  Heaven on Earth 


On the day of Pentecost, an amazing initial outpouring of the Holy Spirit happened. Over the following days a weeks, a message that was new and resisted went on to explode all over most of the Middle East and Europe, spread by men who were found in hiding before the event. From about AD40 to AD350, about 33 million people had come to the faith.

The rapid conversion rate, the display of God's indisputable power, and the boldness of witness that characterised the founding apostles and early church remains the cry of every true believer in Christ. We at LCF want to see a fresh move of God, touching this post-modern era and once again bringing multitudes to Christ around the world. 

Over the years through church history, there have been glorious moves of God affecting whole countries or regions of the world in various degrees for seasons. The longest running of these is famously the East African revival which sparked off in 1929, and run on for over 50 years, its embers touching Africa, Europe and even America. The sad aspect of most recent revivals is that they have mainly been event driven, personality centred and short-lived. 

Our vision for revival as LCF has grown to be a cry for a deep, sustainable move of God in the hands of believers everywhere they live and work- not meetings or personalities. This would be more like what happened with the early church. To challenge the false spirituality of our day, this revival must be marked by the most amazing display of the highest level of signs and wonders to silence the 'magicians of pharaoh'.  

Our conviction is that unlike recent revivals, this next move of God is going to be driven by a restored church which had rediscovered lost truth and come onto fresh revelation of biblical principles and practices that will anchor the revival in a very deep and impactful way. We see this as our calling as a house: to help set the stage for the most powerful revival ever!

The teachings in this section are a record of our journey so far in understanding afresh the key ingredients in our journey. We hope you will be personally ignited as we are by linking with these resources and hope you can push forward with us on this most exciting journey for the glory of God.


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