Pastor Lincoln and Grace Serwanga

Pastor Lincoln and Grace are the senior pastors at LCF. Through their faithful ministry LCF has grown to become the thriving church that it is today. From the onset of their ministry, they have been driven by a passion to see God do something special around the world in revival. This passion is the driving force behind their revelatory preaching and forms the core of the radical vision and identity of the church.


Pastor Andrew and Sahar Twesigye

Pastor Andrew and Sahar are youth pastors at LCF. Their passion and desire is to see young people discover and grow in their God-given identity.  Andrew's revelatory and loyal leadership has crucially helped transitioned a new generation of young leaders to stand alongside the founding older membership. Their latest drive is to champion a generation of young people should be living radically for Christ in this end-time era.



Pastor Tony and Betty Tongoi

A Pastor and a leader, Tony’s brief at LCF straddles Finance and Audit. From the day of his conversion to Christ at LCF, Tony has virtually done every duty imaginable at the church before joining the pastoral team. Betty is passionate about intercession and care, she serves with the intercession team and is a key prophetic voice to the church.


Pastor Christophe Ballou

Pastor Christophe is passionate about walking by faith. From his conversion, he gave himself to serving God at LCF. The drive of his life is to experience God’s power in every arena of life and to teach others to learn and practice faith principles in their day to day life. He is involved in francophone outreach in London and church planting in Côte D'Ivoire. He has also worked faithfully in administrative and management roles as a member of staff.


Pastor Rachel Kavuma

Involved extensively in ministry over many years, Rachel is a retired professional teacher. She also minister as teacher of the Word and has worked passionately at LCF in consolidation and follow-up roles. She dedicated to ministering to women widows and orphans and has been involved in missions with a special grace for healing.


Pastor Martin and Sheila Mayega

Pastor Martin and Sheila are the lead Pastors at the North London branch of LCF.They are both revivalist at heart with a dynamic and practical approach to the gospel.They  desire to see the experience of Christ demonstrated supernaturally in peoples' lives.

Sheila is passionate about people empowerment and optimisation of latent gifts.She is doing a tremendous work empowering women of all ages.

They have both inspired a culture of love,freedom and community within LCF North.


Pastor Derrick and Fiona Mubiru

As ministers, God captured their hearts at a young age and instilled values of family and loyalty. They view it as a privilege and an honour to work with the senior pastors Martin and Sheila in the north church.

They see God reforming a community to cause a change in the city and believe God’s end time revival will begin in the hearts of the father’s changing their household. Their commitment is seeing the father’s heart expressed in our community, changing lives one at a time.