In a nutshell

We believe a fresh perspective on the Kingdom of God is essential to unleashing a new move of God in the body of Christ. The most common teaching on the Kingdom of God has focused on God's sovereign rule and the 'translational' reality that in Christ, we have been '...translated from the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of the son of his love,'(Col. 1:13). The game-changer though, is not these perspectives but rather one in which we experientially enter and walk in Kingdom reality, evidenced by righteousness, peace, joy, and the power of God daily!

The summary of Kingdom teaching is as follows: 


Kingdom Basics - Saved or Born Again

  • The phrase Kingdom of God/ heaven referes not to the after-life but to an experience of heaven on earth.
  • It is possible to be saved and not have the true experience of the Kingdom of God personally which is marked by righteousness, peace, joy and power. (Rom 14:17)
  • There is arguably a difference between salvation and the second birth experience which inaugurates kingdom experience (Jn 3:1-6). Consider that the miracle of life actually starts in the womb, but only comes to full expression after the birth experience. This is arguably true for spiritual life too as a two-stage process.
  • After finding the 'field' of redemption, the next miracle is to 'find the treasure' of the Kingdom, sell-out and buy 'the field'.(Matt 13:44)      
  • The kingdom of God has come in Christ but will fully and universally come at Christ's return; experiencing the fulness of kingdom of God  is a third reality entered by pursuit to lay hold of it by force in the context of being perfected in Christ. This could be what Jesus meant by the kingdom coming 'with power' and is the sense behind experiencing revival or a powerful move of God ( Mat 11:11, Mk 9:1 ).   
  • Jesus taught that amassing earthly wealth without Kingdom revelation will get in the way of entering the kingdom of God. (Matt 19:16-26).

Kingdom Realm -The Invisible

  • The kingdom of God does not come by observation because it is an invisible reality. (Lk 17:21)
  • To enjoy the Kingdom, you have got to set you eyes on things above, (Col 3:2-3)
  • In the realm of the kingdom of God, everything is complete, done and finished, (Eph 1:3, 1Cor 2:9, 2Pet 1:3)
  • To walk into Kingdom reality we need to 'Walk-Out' of the earthly realm and live from Heaven's perspective. (Gal 5:16-18)


Kingdom Mindset - Faith

  • Faith is a mindset that is adjusted, through being persuaded by the invisible realities in the heavenly realm.(Heb 11:1)
  • Faith receives and embraces the finished realities in the invisible and lives as though they are here, (Heb 11:13, Rom 4:17)
  • Faith is to 'Step Out', speaking and acting here on earth to create alignment of the visible realm with the finished realities we see in the invisible. (2Cor 4:13)

Kingdom Culture- Giving

  • Kingdom revelation changes your outlook on earthly wealth and riches, and opens your eyes to see the needs of others around you. (Lk 19:8)
  • A 'good-eye' as taught by Jesus was a reference to generosity which brings light to the rest of your life (Mat 6:22).
  • The nature of Kingdom living is collective in nature, in which 'good eye communities' transfer wealth from the storehouses of the unrighteous.(Pr 13:22)
  • Collective inheritance means that we 'Look Out' for the needs of others as in the body of Christ, as joint heirs with Him, (Rom 8:17) 

Kingdom Heart - Compassion

  • When you open your heart to the needs of others, compassion grows in your heart, (1Peter 3:8)
  • The word compassion means to 'suffer with' those who are going through difficult times. It is a feeling of empathy accompanied by a desire to act so as to alleviate their suffering. 
  • Compassion leads to intercession as you realise no amount of your own intervention can meet the full range and extent of human needs, (Neh 1:3-4) 
  • Compassion is one of the keys to the release of the miraculous in the earth, and marked the ministry of Jesus, (Mat 14:14).
  • Compassion leads you to 'Call Out' to God in prayer, laying your life down for others as an intercessor, (Ez 22:30).
  • Intercession is not just a prayer, it is re-living the sacrificial life of Jesus by dying that our communities may live.

Kingdom Manifestation - Mission

  • The good news of the Kingdom must be spread before Christ returns to establish the Kingdom physically, (Mat 24:14)
  • 'Good news' is a military word associated with a messenger-runner signalling the end of a war to the warriors, also bringing immediate access to the reward of the victory for the soldier. (Is 52:7)
  • Mission is not just proclamation but also demonstration, (Mat 10:8)
  • The drive of our 'Reach Out' is kingdom enforcement, reconciling all things back to Father God and glorifying him on earth, (2Cor 5:18)


Kingdom Identity- Sonship

  • The Kingdom of God is about living and functioning as sons of God and heirs of the earth with Christ, (Ps 2:7)
  • Sonship is the highest status in the created realm, (Lk 3:38)
  • Sonship is about representing the Father, revealing him, hosting and actioning his will, (Lk 15:11-52)  
  • God's purpose is for us to 'Stand Out' as his sons in the earth, doing exploits like Jesus the first born did, (Rom 8:19).


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