Our vision 

Thousands of people, from all cultures and nationalities. Experiencing God vividly, to spearhead revival worldwide


changing our city.

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Experience the power of God's transforming word.


Our Music

 We are wholeheartedly devoted to hosting God’s presence and seeing lives completely transformed and restored through our worship.


God at Work 

Over the years through church history, there have been glorious moves of God affecting whole countries or regions of the world in various degrees for seasons. 

Our vision for revival as LCF has grown to be a cry for a deep, sustainable move of God in the hands of believers everywhere they live and work- not meetings or personalities. This would be more like what happened with the early church. To challenge the false spirituality of our day, this revival must be marked by the most amazing display of the highest level of signs and wonders to silence the 'magicians of pharaoh'. 


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