Our Vision: Adequate mobilisation of financial resources by developing generous givers and leadership-centred stewards, through biblical faith-raising & fundraising and entrepreneurial endeavour.

We also work hand in glove with other partnerships and to critically ensure that the church is fiscally fit for its mission.

What happens in the dept & how to get involved?
The department is expressed through five facets: -

  1. Strategic Finance-working in collaboration with other departments, Friends Of Liberty & other external stakeholders to formulate medium to long-term financial plans; to understand and interpret financial & economic trends as well as explain & solve financial challenges. Is responsible for all accounting & financial reporting.
  2. Facilities Management-To ensure the safe & full functionality of Liberty House and its landscape, including internal & external cleaning.
  3. Money Stewards-Ensure that all monies received as donations are properly recorded, processed & documented in accordance with standing instructions as laid out by Charity law.


4. Resource Centre- With a wide range of books, music, DVDs and specialist books on various subjects your are sure to find what you are looking for or, if not, place your order. Available too is a facility for members to show case their unique resources that could be of benefit to visitors to the centre.

5. Canteen-Featuring a selection of signature dishes, the canteen is a focal point for lovers of vegetarian & regular cuisine after worship services or during other events.  We aim to bring you the tastiest flavours from around the world using the freshest ingredients to create delicious dishes.

For further information about the Stewardship department and how to get involved please contact Tony on 020 7708 6931 or by email,tony@lcfpage.org

Pr Tony Tongoi
LCF Stewardship System