First Aid

Our Vision: Adequate and efficient cover of all LCF services and events with well equipped and skillful first aid support in case of any accidents and injuries, and provision of health and safety information to the whole church and wider community as and when needed.


  • To recognise and attend appropriately to basic medical needs at church.
  • To promote healthy lifestyles among the congregation through information and training.
  • Forum for health workers within the congregation to share information relating to their line of work.
  • Mentoring people intending to pursue careers in healthcare and medicine.


  • To recognise injuries and medical emergencies at church and respond appropriately.
  • To provide information about appropriate health-seeking behaviour through clinics and other formal and informal interactions.
  • To undertake training appropriate to providing on-going support to the congregation.
  • To regularly check that first aid kit and equipment is in place and ready for use.
  • To communicate regularly with the head of department regarding availability for so as to ensure that rotas are adequately staffed.
  • To record all incidents and interventions in first aid record book in church office.