Children's Church

Our Vision: A place for children to feel valued and empowered by God's presence and truth, so they can thrive and succeed now and in their future.

We endeavour to let our children be children and experience the love of God by teaching them relevantly in 3 different age groups: Little Praisers (0-4yrs), Gospel Youngsters (5-8yrs), and Young Winners (9-12yrs).

The younger children's classes centre more on play, singing and story telling whereas the older groups feature lively teaching of Biblical truth and life application of these truths, thereby equipping them with the right values to survive the sifting teenage years ahead.
Most Christian children do not successfully navigate the change into adolescence and tend to lose disconnect from the faith and the church. We seek to avoid this by fostering close relationships between the youth and the Young Winners through transition classes when they are 12 years old.